Etiquette Tips When Hiring House Cleaning Services

Hiring a professional house cleaning service provider can basically make your home cleaner and your life much easier. The following are some of the few etiquette guidelines for house cleaning services in order to make sure that you are keeping your street side clean in a two-way relationship: 

  1. Prepare Your House Before the Service Provider Arrives

If you like your house cleaning service provider to focus on just cleaning, it is wise to clear away clatter which would potentially get in your way. In addition to that, always remember that the house cleaners do not usually move your belongings. If you want your hard-to-reach portions cleaned, consider moving furniture or any other belongings out of the way prior to the procedure proper to make it more accessible for them. 

You may also want to secure highly fragile items, valuables and jewelries, particularly if you are hiring a new service provider or if your house cleaning company always rotates staff.  

  1. Communicate Clearly with the House Cleaning Service Providers

Communication plays a very important role in a successful house cleaning project. Do a walk-through or an orientation of your home and provide a list of priority items or areas to be cleaned before the start of the procedure or if you wish to make some changes. Let the service providers know if there are certain supplies and products you want to use. 

If you have some concerns regarding the quality of work, you need to voice out. Poor communication between you and the house cleaners can sometimes be the source of unsatisfying result. 

  1. Respect the Time of Your House Cleaning Service Providers

Always be aware that your cleaners only have limited time to perform their task. If you are present during the procedure, let the house cleaners focus on their work as much as possible. Offering of drink, food or even just talking to the house cleaners could actually disturb a focused house cleaning service provider. 

  1. Give Your House Cleaners Tips

Most house cleaning companies say tipping is not required or expected. At the end of the year, a cash bonus or some sort of gifts can be a great way to show appreciation and respect however, doing so always depends on the homeowner. 

What You Need to Know Prior to Hiring a House Cleaning Service Provider 

Do some research prior to hiring house cleaning service provider. Make sure that you are hiring the right company with workers who are bonded, insured as well as licensed professionals. Ask if your house will be cleaned by the same crews or individuals. 

Know whether the cleaning service offers supplies or if that’s your responsibility. Also, you should check contact references and online reviews and feedbacks. Meet any prospective house cleaning service providers like Happy Cleaning Services of Jacksonville in your home and have them oriented all throughout your property. You should also make a list of priority items or portions to be cleaned. Some cleaners use the client’s paper towels, rags and some other household supplies so you need to make some clarifications on this.