DIY Kitchen Cleaning Methods

Your kitchen is the one portion in your house that needs frequent cleaning for many obvious reasons however it is also the one area which does not get the right cleaning it really deserves on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, if you will just do it the right way, it will not actually take the most of your time. 

The following are some guidelines which will help you make home cleaning quickly, thoroughly and easily with the use of tested and proven techniques on cleaning your kitchen, removing pet stains, cleaning your furniture, and getting rid of food stains: 


Greases and any other sorts of grime can typically buildup on your cooktops over some series of preparing meals. These areas usually range from glass cooktops or modern ceramic to conventional baked enamel finishes on gas or electric ovens. Special attention is very important for every type. 

Cleaning a Glass or Ceramic Cooktop 

Wait until your cooktop is totally cool, then sprinkle some baking soda or any non-abrasive cleaning agent on the area. Use a damp sponge or synthetic scouring pad to rub the spot. Afterwards, rinse it with clean water ensuring that you get all the debris and dirt and buff the area with the use of a clean cloth until it’s already finished. 

Don’t use steel wool scouring pads or any other abrasive cleaning agents because they will just permanently mark on the surface of your cooktop. 

Cleaning Baked Enamel Cooktops 

Washing the surface of your baked enamel stove or oven using warm soapy water right after every use will actually help you keep a pristine cooktop. Do not ever use steel wool pads or any other abrasive cleaning agents because they will permanently damage the surface of your cooktop. Drip pans, grids and reflector bowls should be cleaned in warm soapy water every time something is spilled on them. In order to clean an oven or gas stove, clear the holes of your burners with the use of a thin metal wire. 

In addition to that, to make cooktop cleaning much easier, remove all the plastic knobs and then soak them in soapy water while cleaning the surface of the cooktop. After cleaning the plastic knobs, dry them using a clean cloth or towel and reinstall them. 


For a regular cleaning of your countertop, a mild dish detergent or cleaning agent works great. Before you start the procedure, remove all of the cutting boards and appliances. Wash the whole counter with the use of a warm soapy water and a soft sponge. Let it sit on one portion of your countertop while you proceed to the next portion. Wash it with clean hot water to completely rinse your countertops and then, buff them dry using a clean towel or soft cloth. 

When resetting the appliances or items you have removed earlier, make sure that you wipe down the bottoms before placing them back onto your clean countertop. While these DIY tips are really helpful, it’s still highly recommended that you hire professional house cleaners like Maid Service of Orlando. 

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